When taking this project on board we knew it would be a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our skill as the cleaning services industry is one of the most competitive in the UK. Cleaning services generate billions of pounds alone in Britain and we happily jumped at this opportunity to work with EOT Cleaning Services company in London.

After an initial meeting with the owners we clarified their ideas and visions for their website and we got to work. Under Kasun Sameera’s lead we designed their new website for end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk and made it mobile responsive so it converts the first time visitors.

The web design London team created all the website pages and below you can see some of them which we custom-built for EOT Cleaning:
The homepage https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk/
About page https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk/about-us/
Carpet Cleaning Page https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk/carpet-cleaning/
Car interior cleaning https://www.end-of-tenancy-london.co.uk/car-interior-cleaning/

As you can see, all of these pages are customized and optimized in terms of the client’s specific services so that the customer can easily access and see what they offer. We even organised a photo shooting so that the images are authentic and represent the brand.

We always aim to offer the best advice to our clients about how to make the most effective use of their web presence. For EOT Cleaning Services we suggested to implement referral program pages to capture the customer’s attention instantly and encourage a call to action. This leads to more conversions and clicks.


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