Having videos on your homepage influences the time visitors spend on your website. I’m going to explain to you exactly how it works and what are other advantages to it.

This is a guest blog post by Nicole Venglovicova

Why should I have a business video on my website?

Let me start from the beginning. Why should you even consider having a video on your website and especially homepage? The answer includes a few options. The first one is that videos increase your on page time enormously. The visitor plays the video or the video starts playing by itself – either way – they’re watching. And the time literally flies by. If your video is really good and engaging, they will keep watching. There’s no question that it’s more effective than having no video and just a lot of other content which can be easily just fly through with visitors’ eyes in a few seconds.

Long videos or short videos?

Long or short ones? It makes sense that longer videos will keep the visitor watching for a longer time, meaning better on page time. However, this is not the case at all. It might work this way but according to these studies, there is not much difference whether you have a few short videos or one longer one. Why? Because it’s engaging either way. The visitor gets to know the brand and you’re telling the story, also with other elements like photos and compelling writing. So even 1 minute video, done in a very engaging way, will increase your on page time hugely.

Videos connect visitors with your website and your brand very easily. They want to know more, they want to see more and that’s why they’re more likely to browse your site. Ideally having another video on the ‘About’ page and other pages is perfect.

What types of business videos are good for my brand?

videos-on-web-page-helps-seoI’m going to show you a few examples of videos on the homepage from different kinds of businesses. Let me start with my website I’m a videographer so for me it’s a must and my duty to have a video on the homepage. But there are many ways of implementing the video. Where do I put it? In what format or size? I decided to put my video as a full screen background video because I want to overwhelm my visitors right away when they visit my site. I wanted to be all visual so the video is short and with no music but it makes people stop and watch and eventually engage.

Another example is a digital marketing agency ClickDo. They have multiple videos on their homepage, two of them are 10+ minutes long and two of them are 1 minute videos. That’s 4 videos on their homepage in total. The first video is how to rank #1, then it’s a case study and then there are testimonials. The perfect way to tell the story. In other words – we help you rank # 1, here’s how we do it in practice and here’s how happy our clients are.

When it comes to your business, try to think about how you should and could tell the story of your company. How many videos you want for your website and look at them as chapters of one whole story.

I’ll give you another example of a private dental practice based in London which is Angel Smile. They have a nice video on the homepage showing the location of their practice and their staff. Very simple but very effective and engaging.

Another of my clients who find videos on a homepage effective is London’s employment law specialist Matt Gingell. You can see his interviews on SKY which immediately gives him authority and ease to trust. And of course, his videos increase his on page time as well.

Why do I need to increase On page time?

I’m going to summarize by asking the initial question which is

Why do I need to increase on page time in the first place?

It will help you with your SEO. Google loves a website that gives people what they want and like. If Google sees that visitors are happy to spend time on your website, they will push you higher in the results, as they can see that your site provides value and information to the visitors. Another advantage is that you might increase the sales potential of your website because visitors will get to know your brand better.

If you sell a product, create a video showing this product – either an explainer video or how to video or you being in a video saying your expertize about this product.

For service, I would recommend to get video testimonials from your clients and also filming yourself talking about your business in a very passionate way. This is very important because a video showing you or your employee who obviously doesn’t want to be on the camera will be contra-productive. If the video has no energy and passion, viewers will see it immediately and they will not engage with your brand. It’s very hard to ‘rebuild’ your reputation after a bad video. You only get one chance of the first impression.

Do you need a video production company to help you with your videos?

If you need help with creating your videos, you can see ClickDo Media video packages and services. We specialize in all kinds of videos and we understand all aspects of online marketing.  

And if you don’t want to film yourself because you’re shy or don’t want to be on camera, I would suggest you watch my online course How to talk to the camera like a pro which will make your worries disappear and teach you how to film yourself professionally.    

I want to add one last thing to know. When you see your on page time in Google analytics, be aware that high values of on page time might also mean that your visitors are lost and they search for something that is very hard to find. That’s why they wander your website in frustration. The only way to recognize this, is to really check your analytics properly and see how many pages they visited, what was their flow? What they clicked on? And so on.

I hope this article helped you understand the importance of videos on your homepage. Now let’s make it happen.

Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond

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