We have covered in the past how bespoke websites rank much better on Google.

Recently we published how Angel Orthodontics websites ranked back on top for their most important keywords after a bespoke home page was designed and custom developed by the ClickDo web designers.

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Now let’s look at how the fitted wardrobes company ranks and how they climbed back to top spots on Google for their core keywords.

We worked on the website design and developed it last year when we were doing the SEO services for the client. However, it did not rank well for “fitted wardrobes” which is the most important keyword our client wanted to rank for. So we proposed to build it with a bespoke design and development and to continue with the SEO work additionally. From our experience we must say that keeping a log of our SEO work certainly helped. But the most important factor was the bespoke website creation we did for the furniture company.

You can see the bespoke design we provided by Kasun Sameera at ClickDo.


If you look at the live fitted wardrobes website you can see some items have been changed and redesigned by Nuwan while it was getting custom coded step by step.

There is a process of how we build bespoke websites and it starts with the designing.

You can read Home Renovation London’s journey to a super fast mobile responsive website to get an idea about how we started to build 100% Google page speed approved websites.

We established top page speed optimized bespoke websites from January 2019, so if you are a client of ours who got the site built earlier, you may inquire us for an upgrade. We will offer this complex and effective package for £1200 plus VAT. If you are a new client, we build bespoke websites for local business owners in London starting from £3000 + VAT.

Now let’s looks at how bespoke web design helps SEO

See the snap of the organic ranks for the above mentioned fitted wardrobes company website:

It’s still on the climb to the top and we hope the client continues to play the SEO game right.

Because as of today, 22.03.2019, we no longer provide our SEO services to them as they ended their contract with us last December 2018 after having worked with us for 4 months. Back between October and November 2018 we built their bespoke websites.

We are happy to see how their ranks have increased and what is now required is some PR and guest posting services.

If you are a business owner and wish to learn SEO skills online, you can join the ClickDo online SEO training course.

For bespoke website designing for your London-based local business, email me directly or book an appointment to meet me at the ClickDo Canary Wharf office.

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