Early this year London’s leading orthodontist and the best in orthodontic treatments, tasked us to build the home page of their website.

ClickDo web developers had built the early website back in 2015 and it was on a theme found by Valda Mikalauskaite. However, with my skills, I did rank the website at top of Google till 2018. You can learn the same SEO skills online with the step by step video tutorial I’ve done to share my knowledge.

Now let’s look at how did Angel Orthodontics went back to the top of Google and why did Google reward the website with the top spot.

The home page of the website was designed by Kasun and Buddhi developed it. And you can see the new home page design below:


And you can see another design we did as we normally prefer to provide few so the client can pick what they prefer the best.


That’s a much darker version for the orthodontics website home page, and Angel Orthodontics didn’t like it much.

Then you can see another version as well below:


And now you can see how the website looks like if you proceed to the Angel Orthodontics website. Best is to search for “orthodontist london” and hop over to the website as it ranks on the top spot.

Now let me explain to you the secrets to gaining higher ranks after dropping ranks last year. Last August 2018, ranks dropped significantly for most of the health niche website and Angel was one of the websites.

Google started to pick custom built unique websites and in my experience, I saw my websites that used them dropped in ranks because of there hundreds of other websites on Google uses that same code. So a custom built unique websites is the key.

And the next thing is the London website hosting server which gives better performance for the website and loading. Speed really matters and for new building websites since February 2019, we have cracked the code to achieve 100% on page speed.

You can read the case study article I wrote about home renovation London’s journey to a super fast mobile responsive website

Now you know the secrets, but you must understand that brands win eventually on Google.

If you are a local business owner in London or an orthodontist who is looking to get a new website designed and developed for your orthodontic practice, by all means, invest in bespoke website creation. It will help your orthodontist marketing as well as save you so much money on online advertising spending to get patients.

If you have any questions about orthodontist website design or bespoke website design for your London based business you can call me or arrange to meet me and Kasun at ClickDo London office in Canary Wharf.

Fernando Raymond

Fernando Raymond

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Fernando Raymond

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