Choosing the right web development firm in NYC

Choosing a web design firm in NYC can be quite a daunting task for small business owners. With so many alternatives and options, it is hard to know if you are making the right choice. It become even more complicated if you are a non-technical small business owner or manager in charge of this decision

When choosing a web development firm, you need to keep in mind that you are not just picking someone to put up a nice looking website. You are choosing somebody that will have incredible influence on some of the key drivers of success in the modern day’s business landscape. Content marketing, Search Engine optimization (SEO), branding, performance, social media optimization, scalability, security…and the list goes on –all these parameters can mean the fateful difference between sustainable growth and the death of your venture. 

Having said that, here are some important tips you can use to make sure that you get the best, most qualified and reliable web developer in New York City.

Don’t Work with a “Web Designer”Allow me to explain. While there are hundreds of reputable and experienced web designers in NYC, there a are far too many web designers’ nowadays that have simply figured out dirty and quick ways to put together a website that looks’ nice. It doesn’t take much technical skills to set up a WordPress or Joomla website. All they have to do is buy a cheap template, input some content, replace the logo and publish on a cheap shared hostingOn the flip side, it requires a lot of technical knowhow and strong sense of business to asses your needs so as to design and build web design solutions that fit your business. Work with a developer that has the ability to skillfully handle a variety of platforms, and it will be a huge added advantage if they have some software engineering skills.Do some background research

Before settling for a specific designer, you need to do some thorough (and I mean thorough) background checks. I personally prefer using the elimination method when faced with such a decision to make. So basically, you need to find about 10 developers and choose the best five. Now use the following elimination parameters to single out your best fit.

· Company History: for how long has the firm/agency been in business? If they have considerable years of experience under their belt, it tells you that you are in safe hands.

· Company team: how small or large is their team? Does the team share a bit of their personality traits? Does the firm have an in-house team? Most web design firms display profiles and qualifications of their team members on their website; it will be most likely tagged under something like Our Team’.

· Company Portfolio: Go through the recent development and design projects that the firm has showcased. Note down what you like, and don’t like about their quality of work, and measure this against your own set standards and requirements.

· Company References: if possible, reach out to recent clients that the firm has worked with before, and ask about their experience and opinion. Take some notes as you speak to the person, noting down pros and cons. Another easy way of finding previous users’ experience is searching for reviews posted on review websites and niche forums.

· Search Rankings: if your business is going to rely a lot on search engine rankings (I like to believe that every business does), then you may want to shine a little more light in this area. For instance, if the firm you are considering working with doesn’t appear anywhere on the first page of Google’s local search rankings, then you should second-guess your decision of working with them. After all, how can they promise to boost your rankings if they can’t rank themselves high in the first place?

4 grammatical mistakes that can ruin your content marketing effort

When a visitor sees a bad grammar in blog posts, websites, email newsletters, etc., they get sensitive. These mistakes distract the visitors from the topic of interest. Here are some grammatical mistakes that can damage your content marketing effort.

Misuses of apostrophe

An apostrophe shows possession or contraction; for example, ‘Jane’s book’ or ‘It’s Saturday’. You should never use it to make a noun plural, like ‘I have two dogs’s’.

Too much use of commas or semicolons

You should avoid overusing commas and semicolons in the wrong places. You should check out the grammar rules for using commas correctly in writing. Semicolons are usually used instead of commas. You don’t need to use a semicolon if you simplify your writing. Semicolons are used to give a clear and controlling flow to your writing.

Mistakes in capitalization

You should not capitalize words randomly. There are some rules that you must stick to. You should capitalize the first word in a sentence, titles of books or articles, days and holidays, initials, brand names, places, etc.

Spelling mistakes

We make some common mistakes all the time. Here is a list:

• It’s vs. its: ‘It’s’ is a combination of it and is. ‘Its’, on the other hand, is a possessive pronoun.
• You’re vs. your : ‘You’re’ is a contraction form of ‘you are’. ‘Your’ is a possessive pronoun.
• Affect vs. effect : ‘Affect’ is a verb and ‘effect’ means the consequence.

There are many such small mistakes that we make. But these errors change the entire meaning of the sentence.

The website is used to promote a brand. It must be as professional as possible. Having grammatical errors in writing is not professional. Readers will get a negative image about the business. So, you should revise your grammar skills before writing website content.

5 tips to launch business on limited budget

Starting a business is exciting. But most people back off due to the financial crisis. With the digital technology, it is no longer necessary to have huge money to start a business. These are some tips to start a new business.

Design a website


It is necessary to create a website first. You should customize the site and start building your brand presence. You can choose from various website templates and add nice images, engaging texts, etc.

Have good content


You should write good content on your site All the pages must have reach content to keep your audience engaged. Your audience must find the content interesting and be willing to visit your site again. You can open up social channels to get connected to your target audience.

Online advertisement


You should promote your business online. You can use Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. These platforms will let you target specific sets of audiences.

Work from home


Instead of renting a luxury office building, work from home. You can turn a less functional area of your home to an office. Then you can look for a co-working place to share in your town. Renting office space is a major expense, and you can cut this expense by working from home.



You should optimize your content. You can use Google Analytics to learn what’s working and what’s not. You should get an understanding of the visitor’s behavior. You can add an app like ‘comment’ so that visitors can provide feedback to help improve your website.

Using these techniques, you can launch a business with a minimum budget. Once your business grows, you can add other elements to it.

How to utilize ‘Call-to-action’ the most effective way

Many factors determine the success or failure of the online presence of a brand. When we design a website, we should give special attention to ‘call-to-action’ (CTA) tab of the site. This helps in converting traffic to real customers. Here are some steps that will help you to utilize this concept.

Define goals

First, you need to have a clear understanding of your goal. Then determine how to use CTA. In some instances, you may want to direct the site visitors to do multiple things, like, buy a product and like your Facebook page. In such case, you will have more than one CTA on your site. Depending on which action you are prioritizing, you must place the CTAs accordingly.

Know the requirements of your audience

You need to consider the wishes of your audience. You can do some research on your target audience. By knowing what your audience wants, you can phrase CTAs more effectively.


Make it visible

The CTA must be visually appealing so that the visitors don’t miss it. Your visitors must be able to spot it on your site without much effort. You can use the color palette to make your CTA stand out.The size of the CTA must be different form that of the rest of the text so that you can easily identify this part on the site. The CTA must be located in a prominent location. The space around them must be free so that they can be easily spotted. It is best to place CTAs at the top right corner of the page.

Message must be short and clear

You cannot put descriptions of products or services here. CTAs are short and to the point. They call for action in a straightforward manner; for example ‘Download Your Copy,’ ‘Register for Free,’ etc.

These tips will help you to use CTA in your site in a better way. You will be able to convert many customers this way.

What Kind Of Web Development Firm Should Your Business Choose?

You will come across two types of providers in your search for a website – those who offer websites as a finished product and those who sell websites as an on going service. Choosing what is best for business could often be confusing and misleading to those who are new to online marketing. More importantly, choosing the right web development firm can be quite a task.

While choosing the right firm, here is what you should be looking for:

Cost – Money Matters

Web service providers charge for every hour of their service and for every single webpage they build – so it is an ongoing, continuous investment that could well reach into thousands of dollars every year. However, good firms strike a nice balance between cost and quality. They operate on a single, one time charge and realise that most businesses don’t want web projects to cost them a bomb. Updating the website should not cost you much money either – the whole process should be seamless and inexpensive. Some website providers have a solution for the maintenance aspect too – they offer free tools that just about anyone can use to modify their website without professional assistance.

Quality Design

A good design does all the hard work of informing your visitors about your business and services, thereby converting them into regular customers. Most website providers don’t take this aspect in all seriousness, resulting in poor conversion rates. Getting the design right with compelling, relevant and informative content takes time, energy and lots of skills. Always check in on the portfolio of prospective firms, before you strike a deal with them. Some firms do not realise that every business is different. One particular design won’t cut it for everyone. A quality design must drive customers to your doorstep.

Magento website design has a dedicated team of quality designers who understand what suits best for each business. Your project will never move an inch forward without your consent and satisfaction. 

The Time Factor

Developing a website needs time, effort and careful planning. If you decide to invest in a fully custom project, your website will undergo five stages : Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance.

This means that you are months away from getting your website up and running with an inexperienced team. Professional web development firms always provide a reasonable deadline and stick to it at all costs. They never let your project enter developmental hell. For businesses looking for a quick solution to their online needs, a deadline driven project fits the bill pretty well – economically and functionally.


Opting for a completely customized website solution makes sense for every business in this day and age. Why would rather choose to be left out when your competitors are making the most out of the online arena? At Magento website design, we know that building a website from scratch can be challenging, and it makes sense to instead hire a professional website development firm to do the same and save time. Contact us and we will help you with a responsive, professional and user friendly website.